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8 Tips for Zimbra to Office 365 Email Migrations

Colleges often don’t put resources into technology.

Recently, we decided to go back to school, but not the way you think. We never argued with professors or RAs, we didn’t stand outside in the middle of the night wearing our Spiderman pajamas due to a prank pulled fire alarm. We never snuck over to the soft serve ice cream machine in the middle of the night, or drank and danced ’till dawn and hangover time. And best of all, we never needed to lie to our parents or hide under our desks about getting a grade lower than an A.

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Why Should I Use Dirsync?

email migrations and DirsyncToday, we are going to dig deep into email migrations and DirSync for Office 365. If you are a corporate CIO or CTO (or any other decision maker in the IT world) and are trying to figure out which direction to take your company’s cloud resources, this blog will be a page turner.

Email-Annie has this!

Working with Annie, a top guru among email migration professionals, has been exciting mostly because Annie is well-known for diving into the unknown, and mixing it up to get better results. Read more…

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