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What is Frankie?

Frankie is the pet name for our proprietary, incredibly powerful and brand-new tool for email archive migration projects. And, while Frankie may seem harmless, the fact is that there’s no other method more fiercely competitive when it comes to safely migrating email archives to a new server!

With EAM by Frankie, email archive migration projects are often completed in a fraction of the time and cost of our competitors, due to the revolutionary, proprietary tools we employ.

Don’t put your organization’s valuable correspondence history at risk. Call us for an estimate and let us prove how well Frankie works with a free test on a sample of your own email.

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Why is our email archive migration process better?

Why is EAM by Frankie Better?

Frankie is Faster!

Our proprietary toolset allows us to complete projects in a fraction of the time compared to our competitors. We’ve revolutionized and fine-tuned our methods to work more efficiently at every stage of the EAM (Email Archive Migration) process.

How much Faster? Read our email archive migration case study.

The fastest email archive migrations out there

Frankie is Reliable!

Our unique approach to migrating email archives allows us to securely convert your data at the highest level of reliability and integrity. Your newly-searchable archives are guaranteed to keep messages, headers, routing information and attachment data intact!

How much more reliable? Never again worry about losing data!

Super reliable email archive migrations

Frankie Moves More!

There is no limit to the amount of data that can be migrated. We’ve had projects as big as a billion email messages!

Is your company BIG? We’ll walk you through the process.

Worried about the integrity of your archives? Frankie’s got you covered.

The most powerful email archive migrations

Frankie Loves Regulations!

Our migration processes and the finalized data is guaranteed to be compliant with your industry’s federal, state, local, vertical and corporate regulations. EAM by Frankie ensures that your brand, reputation and legal status are protected and searchable via electronic documentation and ediscovery.

All of our migration processes can be tailored to address any of your regulation compliance concerns.

Regulation compliant email archive migrations

Frankie Plays Well with Others!

We have the tools and the ability to migrate email archives from any outdated platform. We also work with all the newest archival solutions including Microsoft, OpenText, Symantec, and others. Check out the technology and platform specifics here (below).

Email archive migrations that are compatible with other technologies

Frankie Costs Less!

Since Frankie’s high quality migrations are completed much faster and more efficiently than our competition, we can often provide amazingly competitive pricing. Less time costs you less money! In many cases, our bid for an archive migration project is so low that it leaves the competition’s bid spinning in the dust.

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Email archive migrations that cost less

Which email archive technologies are supported by Frankie?

We can convert ANY legacy email archive data onto a modern platform. Even unusual or archive server configurations that are no longer supported (end of life) are handled with ease by Frankie.

So far, we’ve migrated billions of messages and have not come across any data type that we couldn’t migrate or convert.

Did you know we can test your data to see how effective our migration will be?

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*Note: If your email archive data is badly corrupted, we cannot guarantee it will be migrated successfully. Upon completion of the email archive migration project, you will receive a report of statistics, including messages that could not be migrated due to corruption or problems/abnormalities that exist within the data.

Which Platforms are Supported by Frankie?

Source Archive Platforms:

EAM by Frankie supports ANY type of legacy email archive including:

  • EMC Enterprise Archive Solution
  • Symantec Enterprise Vault
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Zantaz EAS Enterprise Archive Solution
  • OpenText Archive Server
  • IBM Notes Archiving/Lotus Notes Domino Email Archiving
  • IBM FileNet Content Manager
  • and many more…

Destination Archive Platforms:

ANY type of new email archive server or solution may be used with Frankie. The servers that are most popular with our customers include:

  • OpenText Content Server and Archive Server
  • Symantec Enterprise Vault
  • Microsoft Exchange Archives
  • Microsoft Office 365

Archive Server Formats:

EAM by Frankie also supports any type of archive server formats, including:

  • MSG
  • EML
  • PST
  • NSF
  • PDF
  • and others!

We’ve never encountered an email archive migration puzzle we couldn’t solve! To prove it we’ll migrate a sample just for you.

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